Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Ms. Visconti is a Registered Graphic Designer (Toronto, ON Chapter), Writer/Editor, Photographer, and Certified Shiatsu Practitioner. She was born, raised, and educated in Toronto, ON where she lived in a culturally and artistically diverse community of the GTA. She moved to western Canada in 1999 where she currently resides.

After personally being affected by the stock market downturn in 2008, she has been following the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain movement since 2009. Though there have been ebbs and flows in this movement, it cannot be ignored.

From 2016-2018, Ms. Visconti wrote for CoinIdol, one of the top media cryptocurrency and blockchain information websites on the Internet. CoinIdol delivers worldwide up to date news as well as in-depth articles about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

BitBlockRevolution was started because Ms. Visconti saw an opportunity to focus on the numerous entrepreneurs in the crypto space that are making great strides in the industry. By focusing on their accomplishments, innovative visions, and use cases, sharing how this industry will change the way we do business is paramount. Also shared on bitblockrevolution.com are course options where viewers can get the best education regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to keep in step with this fast paced movement.

The inspiration for starting this website occurred in January, 2017. After conducting a two-part interview with Geir Solem of Cryptor Trust for the gracecvisconti.com blog which details the evolving 4th Industrial Revolution, the realization emerged that the crypto movement will gain even more traction in the future. This lengthy interview, How Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies Will Energize the Fourth Industrial Revolution:  Part 1, Influences of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology in a Disintegrating Debt-Laden Fiat Currency System; and Part 2, Outlook for Bitcoin Investment, Implications, and Trends Forecasting is a snapshot of what is coming.

In Geir Solem’s motivational answer concerning what we can expect from Bitcoin and blockchain technology as an integral part of the crypto movement, it has nothing to do with a solely centralized monopoly. “Now we have a digitally controlled model, a platform that sits between people directly. New technologies based on the blockchain and distributed network make people trust each other enough for these interactions. The sharing economy is all about people and trust. People are once again being drawn closer together on a global scale. This is the melding between commerce and community. You could say it is a democratization of opportunities.”

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